Pribram New coach

Liberec and lost after the first half one goal and even this loss, he managed to erase. In 61. minutě cross Bartošák again Pulkrab take care of the settlement, but the misfortune again was only for a moment. Slovan defense again fell asleep and alone Vukadinović returned to lead the side Zlin. And so the Liberec pushed forward and was committed to, in order for the third settlement. Fifteen minutes before the end after a corner kick Hovorka got to shoot a great blow equalized to 3: 3! Such a football audience had to like it and remained at a settlement. Ten minutes before the match went to Liberec for the first time into the lead when after a corner kick again, this time with his head pushed David Hovorka – 4: 3 for Liberec. Slovan had Unibet online betting free bet let go and lead by winning the third returns místo. Příbram not handle another home match and round before the end of the action with the greatest competition ever played. This Slavia by winning 3: 1 year will end in fifth place and if Mlada Boleslav wins MOL Cup, after years of Cup returns to Europe. The match overshadowed by a drunken affair fourth Judge Mark diligent. It seems the judges in the Czech league was not enough. In the match Pribram Slavia along the sideline wobbly, dancing, and God knows what else obviously drunk fourth Judge Mark Pilný.

Living scandal finally had a few minutes rather hide in the bowels of the stadium Pribram. Let us, however, the game itself . Pribram Slavia condemned to fight to the last round already in the first half. Sportingbet online betting At the opening goal was enough thirteen minutes when SOUČKOVÁ blow from behind lime and pear deflected Tregler first cashed. And before she could recover příbramští, dealt another blow them Slavia. Mesanovic won balloon and the whole event itself unmistakably concluded. Pribram it could hardly pose a worse start. Even after fifteen minutes in a major rescue combat losing by two goals, and moreover she wandered out of bounds fourth judge. Pribram disastrous performance reached its peak in 30. minutě when stapling scored the third goal. For whitewash this time dared to shoot Barak and successfully continued the goalscoring performances against Slovacko. Pribram New coach Martin Pulpit was amazed after the third goal reached on the Sportingbet sports betting online first substitution. Pribram recovered partially through the second act and 53. minutě decreased. Patrik Brandner got Unibet free online bets to scramble and balloon Berkovec had to pick the ball out of the net. Pets also had another chance a few times he was in a good position Tomas Zápotočný but either lacked precision or even better penetration. On the other hand, have hit the post Hušbauer and more already on the rink happened. Pribram after another defeat did not decrease, the situation is still in our hands, but Sportingbet online betting guide in the last round one in Jablonec, where if they win Olomouc can not afford prohrát. Hráči Jablonec managed after many years in the league to beat Plzen and straight to her by a little spoiled championship celebration. Victoria defeat 1: 2 obviously does not need to regret after the final whistle was officially crowned champion novopečeného. Pilsen has more or less just enjoy the celebration as evidenced by the defeat of Jablonec, but also those in Mlada Boleslav. In the match with Jablonec very quickly he got into a situation where losing. While Ďuriš in wholly failed chance, Mingazov on the other side succeeded. After a long waist Sportingbet betting online unmistakably headed for the bar and prostřelil Kozáčik. Before she could get settled Pilsen, already losing by two goals. Over the next three minutes it was again Ruslan Mingazov, who took advantage of inattention Pilsen defense and once surpassed Kozáčik. State 0: 2 already Karel Krejčí in any case did not like, and urged his players to be more active. Viktorka but it hardly promoted in the first half and failed to respond to at least contact the gate.