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On the bench of the German club in Unibet free sports bets the summer succeeds Ralph Hasenhüttl that was headed for RB Leipzig, his successor then becomes Markus Kauczinski . Hasenhüttl FCI took the helm in early October 2013 when the club moved to the relegation positions of table 2. Bundesliga. Of those he managed to pull out a year later moved with him to the German supreme competition and it was currently include a solid ninth position. The departure Hasenhüttla Saxony talked for a few days and ask for it even had himself a coach. Today, everything was confirmed and Ingolstadt will not leave empty-handed, as he is getting financial compensation ranging between one and a half to two million euros.

Ingolstadt a pilot, a 48 already found a replacement, his duties during the summer assumes Markus Kauczinski of Karlsruhe. RB Leipzig at the moment leads Ralf Rangnick and headed with him for the Sportingbet betting online procedure in the first Bundesliga. Until the end of the second highest remaining two rounds of the competition and the team is in second place with a five-point lead over third Norimberk. Manažer fresh English champion Leicester Claudio Ranieri in the summer will Unibet bet sport be very carefully select reinforcements. Italian coach does not want to commit any star footballers who would disrupt relations in the team. “I do not want any big names. I do not want to destroy the cabin, my boys are extraordinary. We want to strengthen the team and buy some good players, but whoever comes, must have the same spirit,” the British media quoted Ranieri. Leicester won the league tenure resounding triumph after Monday’s draw with Tottenham, Chelsea second (2: 2). Čtyřiašedesátiletý coach at the first press conference by confirming the title finally received a standing ovation and journalists drank champagne. Although Ranieri during extensive career led Juventus, AS Roma, Inter Milan, Valencia, Atletico Madrid or Chelsea, top competition to win an outsider in England. “My tale began a long time ago in Cagliari. We’ve made from third to second and then into the Premier League. Now I’ve won the Premier League with Leicester and fantastic players,” said Ranieri. “I think it’s karma, because I have long fought to achieve such success. Here I felt from the beginning of something special. That’s what I could not imagine, but it’s good,” added the native of Rome. He believes that his best players Riyadh Mahríz, Jamie Vardy and N’golo Kanté will continue Sportingbet best online betting with “Chanterelle”, although his performances Sportingbet free bet online aroused the interest of leading European clubs. “I’m very confident that they will. I suggest to all my players have endured another year. Do not go away if you change, then maybe get on the pitch,” he sent Ranieri. Leicester officially taking the trophy for the winner of the English league after Saturday’s home game with Everton. At the King Power Stadium to sing the famous blind tenor Andrea Bocelli, who compatriot Ranierimu himself offered. “He called me a few months ago that he was very much like how we’re doing. He said he would like to come and something sang. I agreed and asked the people in the club that it agreed on. It’s great for us,” said the experienced coach. very angry after the match in Teplice, Sparta football coach Zdeněk Ščasný. Not because his team just tied 1: 1, but that representational midfielder Martin Frydek had to go to hospital with suspected concussion. According Ščasného was a criminal offense, as Frydek got an elbow in the face. “I thought the key to protecting the health of players. Martin got three elbow into the face of (Martin) Filla and now goes to hospital with suspected concussion. What Sportingbet sports betting can I say more,” said Ščasný post-match press conference. “That after such interventions player played out for me is completely incomprehensible. I consider it a crime,” he added.